Classes & Groups

Classes & Groups

Abortion Doula Support Skills Workshop

September 28th, 12-4pm

Learn how to provide support as an abortion doula! This class will help prepare you to support clients before, during and after their abortion. All materials center reproductive justice, cultural humility, inclusive practices and utilizing a trauma informed care approach. This workshop is held at Radical Well-Being Center in Southfield, MI. Sliding scale and scholarships are available!

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Covered topics include:

  • abortion facts and statistics

  • procedures and protocols

  • important language to know and use

  • local and virtual resources for clients and support people

  • self care, before and after care for clients

  • what to expect, for clients and support persons

  • what it means to have a trauma-informed approach

  • cultural competency for abortion doulas

  • barriers to care and how you can help bridge gaps in abortion care

  • herbs for abortion after care (herbal bath blending)

  • self care for abortion doulas

  • resource list of providers and handouts to give to clients

  • how to market, advertise and sustain abortion doula work

  • tips on website making, appointment scheduling and basic business tips